pocketnotes is still in beta.

Hey there! 👋 My name is Dinesh and I built pocketnotes to easily create and share notes with anyone. All notes generate an auto scaled preview image so when you share the link to your notes, the text shows up in the link preview.

Cool. Why should I use it?

pocketnotes comes quite handy in a handful of situations.

  • Twitter limits your tweets to 280 characters. So you often have to write your thoughts in multiple tweets as a tweet thread. You could instead create a single note with pocketnotes and share the link as a tweet. All your text will be autoscaled to fit into one image and show up as a link preview in your tweet. How cool is that!
  • If you want to share text as an image to platforms like Instagram, you could create a note with pocketnotes, download your link preview and share the image easily.
  • Every note created with pocketnotes is like an untethered blog post where the content is just content and it is not tied to any user, like handing over a written note from your pocket to someone. This helps you share and reuse long form written content to one or more social platforms like Slack.
  • When it comes to how helpful pocketnotes is, your imagination is your only limit. Go wild.

Is that all?

Simple is good and less is more. pocketnotes is a platform to quickly create and share notes. It is in beta now to see how our users like it and get firsthand feedback on the user experience. Naturally the next step is to allow users to sign in and be able to save the notes they create so they can come back and find them later. Once that's done, pocketnotes will come out of beta. In the meanwhile, if you like using pocketnotes please give us a shout out in Twitter.

If you have any feedback, please send it to @pocketnotesapp or write an email to hello@pocketnotes.app.